Club Organisational Structure

Board of Management:

President: Allan Charlton

Vice Presidents: Ann Churchill and Frank Garguilo

Secretary: Elaine Hood

Treasurer: Jennette Stiles

Directors:  Lui Basile, Rob Groves, John McCurry, Peter McGuire and Mal Zadow

Portfolio: Section – Midweek and Ladies

Director and Delegate to Bendigo, Campaspe, Goldfields Bowls Region: Ann Churchill

Midweek and Ladies Secretary: Tess Cooney

Ladies Tournament Secretary: Ann Churchill

Ladies Match Committee:  Marg Baldwin, Ann Churchill, Tess Cooney, Geraldine Hogan and June Trickey

Midweek Pennant Selection: Marg Baldwin, Jim Brennan, Tess Cooney, Mary Shawyer and Liz Tangey

Midweek Pennant – Side Managers: TBA

Portfolio: Section – Weekend and Mens

Director and Delegate to Bendigo, Campaspe, Goldfields Bowls Region: Frank Garguilo

Weekend and Men’s Secretary: Alan Smith

Men’s Tournament Secretary: Trevor Lamb

Men’s Match Committee:  Frank Gargiulo, Geordie Julius, John McCurry, John Pasternak and Barry Sheen

Weekend Pennant Selection:  Geoff Baldwin, Bernie Colbert, Rob Groves, John McCurry and  John Pasternak

Weekend Pennant – Side Managers: TBA

Portfolio: Administration/Communications

Director: Elaine Hood

Club Communications Officer (CCO): Ann Churchill


Complaints Administration Officer (CAO): Elaine Hood

Club Investigation Officer: Alan Smith

Social Media Administrators: Ann Churchill, Frank Garguilo, 

Web Master: Evan Jardine

Portfolio: Finance

Director: Jennette Stiles

Sponsorship: Allan Charlton and Mal Zadow

Uniform Coordinator: Tess Cooney

Portfolio: Governance

Director – Lui Basile

Awards & Honours: Convener – Lui Basile plus two Life Members

Portfolio: Facilities

Director: Peter McGuire

Greens & Surrounds: Allan Charlton, Steve O’Bree, Glenda Jones, Wes McCumber, John Rothaker, Colin Sleep, Mal Zadow, Bernie Colbert, and Michael Bree.

Gardens: Peter Fogliani, Ann Churchill and Jan O’Bree

Buildings Maintenance: Tom Dobeli, Col Bowden, Des Fiedler, Frank Garguilo, Allan Charlton and Mal Zadow

Portfolio: Development, Juniors & Schools Program

Director: Rob Groves

Coaching : Accredited Coaches – Michael Bree

School’s Program: Michael Bree

Umpires: Accredited Umpires – Michael Bree, Ann Churchill, Tess Cooney, Elaine Hood, Rob Jardine, Helen Liddell, Ivan McCarrey, Ben Wakefield, Irene “Smithy” Walklate

Portfolio – Social:

Director: Mal Zadow

Purchasing Officers: House- Norma Attrill, Catering – Mary Shawyer, Bar – Mal Zadow

Facilities Booking Officer:  Allan Charlton

Compliance Officer: Mary Shawyer

Licensee:   Mal Zadow 

Catering Manager:  Mary Shawyer

Bar Manager:  Mal Zadow

Bar Committee:  Marg Baldwin, Jennette Stiles, June Trickey, Rob Groves, Allan Charlton

Tuesday Night Pennant:  Marg Baldwin, John McCurry, Bill Poulter

Indoor Bowls (Carpet): John McCurry, Lui Basile and Ann Churchill