2020 AGM Outcome

Having to do things differently……

The 2020 White Hills Bowls Club AGM was a challenge due to pandemic restrictions. After postponing the date a number of times the Board were determined to reach an outcome by the end of July.  Following advice through CVA, White Hills held a successful AGM on 27th July, although somewhat different to “what we have always done” . 

With restrictions in place, the club was limited to twenty attending in person, however, a number of members took advantage of electronic media and attended in that format. The Board had also arranged for postal voting to be conducted prior to the meeting which resulted in more than 3/4 of the membership expressing their choices for positions, a noticeable increase in previous years results.

The new  Board of Management is now in a “catch-up” and “planning” mode whilst waiting for the current restrictions to be lifted. We want to  be ready for when competitions hit full stride again. We can  try to make it happen, by everyone sticking to the current restrictions and staying safe.

The club looks forward to welcoming all members back in the not to distant future.